Referral Management Subscription Offer

Thank you for your interest in CarePort Referral Management. Providers using Referral Management have seen referral rates increase as much as 67% and 17% for SNFs and HHAs.

By subscribing, you can streamline your overall intake process by:

  • Electronically receiving referrals from your surrounding hospital partners and responding faster — CarePort clients have an average 8-minute response time.
  • Reviewing all patient referrals in a single dashboard without needing to enter CAPTCHA validation codes.
  • Receiving text and emails with incoming referrals to streamline workflows.
  • Easily accessing the last 12 months of referrals online and view incoming referral reports.

Interested in subscribing for multiple organizations? Please reach out to us at careport@careporthealth.com.

  • Confirm email address
  • Enter credit card information
  • Log In to see online referrals
  • Take Referral Management Administrator Training