Application Requirements
Web Browser - Required to View Referrals
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7 or greater

PDF Viewer - Required to View PDF Forms included with referrals
Adobe® Reader® 7 or greater

Other Applications - May be required to view files attached to referrals
The sender may choose to attach an electronic file in support of a referral. To view an attached file, you must have a copy of a program that is capable of reading it. The following table lists the accepted file attachment types and the typical application used to view them.
File Extension Description Typical Application
.DOC Document text file (word processiong document) Microsoft® Word
.XLS Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet Microsoft® Excel
.PPT Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation Microsoft® PowerPoint
.TXT Text File Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Microsoft® Notepad
.PDF Adobe® Portable Document Format Adobe® Reader®
.RTF Rich Text Format text file Microsoft® WordPad, Microsoft® Word
.JPG, .JPEG Image (Joint Photography Experts Group bitmap graphics) Microsoft® Internet Explorer
.GIF Image (Graphics Interchange Format bitmap graphics) Microsoft® Internet Explorer
.BMP Image (Bitmap graphics) Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Microsoft® Paint
.TIF Image (Tagged Image File Format bitmap graphics) Imaging for Windows®, Microsoft® Photo Editor