Allscripts Mobile Downloads

  1. Verify your phone type (Blackberry, Windows Smartphone or Windows Professional)
    Note - Windows Smartphones are non-touch screen and Windows Professional are touch screen phones

  2. Verify the Operating System for your mobile device
    For Blackberry - on your phone go to Options > About
    For Windows Mobile - on your phone go to Start > Settings > System > About

  3. Go to the appropriate link below to download the application specified for your phone


BlackBerry Smartphone JDE42 (For all OS levels 4.2 to 4.6)

BlackBerry Smartphone JDE47 (For all OS levels 4.7 to 5.0)

Windows Mobile Smartphone (Non-touch screen)

Windows Mobile 6 (Smartphone) (For all OS levels 6.x)

Windows Mobile Professional (Touch screen)

Windows Mobile Pro 5.0 (Pocket PC) (For all OS levels 5.x)

Windows Mobile Pro 6 (Pocket PC) (For all OS levels 6.x)